Dr Kaiden Aleri


Dr Kaiden Aleri was once a name synonymous with prodigy to many of the Humosa academy of science. At age 4 Kaiden was taken from his family showing an advanced understanding of the natural world and an affinity for animals. Being raised in the academy of science Kaiden was taught many areas of study, eventually becoming a Dr of biology aged 13, but found himself unable to interact too well to strangers due to his unorthodox upbringing.

Growing into his teens Kaiden found himself taken with a wanderlust, but was always warned of the dangers outside of the academy. After multiple escape attempts many of the heads of the academy decided to make use of this phase, training Kaiden in basic techniques of espionage, combining this with his knowledge of poisonous plants he quickly became a much prized field agent for the academy in exchange for more freedoms.

This carried on for several years Kaiden losing track of the number of assassination targets and data stolen for the academy, all with no-one outside of the academy knowing of his existence. On one of his later missions, to take out a high ranking Humousian diplomat, opposed to the academies higher officials a civilian spotted him taking aim with his crossbow, moving herself in front of the target and staring down the would be assassin. Admiring her courage the now 23 year old Kaiden had to meet her, after much compromise and secrecy the two began a relationship with his new girlfriend Alora being opposed to his clandestine dealings for the academy.
The academy accepted this new relationship when it eventually came to light in order to keep Kaiden and his unique talents, however Kaiden turned down many more assassination jobs and only took a handful of espionage job. He chose instead to focus on his research splicing animal genes to try and create a high yielding and efficient breeding farm animal in order to cure famine. Many higher ups disliked this change in Kaiden’s attitude, more so when he refused to acknowledge the possible military applications of his research, blaming Alora for his ‘softening’.
When Alora fell pregnant she received the best possible care from the academy for which Kaiden was grateful. Alora gave birth to a baby boy, Rickon, before passing away on the birthing table, through unknown causes. Kaiden, now 28 and a widowed single father, insisted despite his grief to carry out the autopsy personally, he found trace elements of wolfsbane infused into Alora’s pain relief, the academy had poisoned and killed her.

Finding out about this betrayal Kaiden made plans releasing several of his more vicious test subjects from the lab leaving them to run amuck. He used the distraction to try and smuggle him and his infant son from the academy, being intercepted by Traynor a higher up, after a small struggle Kaiden managed to blind the man and escape with his swaddled son.
Kaiden used his training to disappear off the grid finding a small island off the western edge of Esra. Living there for 2 years raising his son and continuing research in peace, until now when Humosian military landed on the island taking his son hostage in exchange for his co-operation.

Dr Kaiden Aleri

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