Cartoria covers roughly a quarter to a third of Esra and is ruled by a council made up of leaders from various areas of the country.

The country has a strong militaristic history, known for staging mock fights regularly and for the hard training their soldiers undergo. Having less land than Humosa, the country is lacking somewhat in resources and has to trade (often not at the best prices) for resources with Humosa. The region the country occupies was known for it’s trading opportunities previous to the formation of Cartoria due to the many settlements that were in need of supplies. However, over time the country has become far less trade orientated.

The Cartorian army consists of spear armed legions backed by crossbowmen and light cavalry. They do make use of swordsmen but only for defensive purposes should their spearmen be engaged in such a way that their spears are of no use. Most soldiers are veterans of training but for the purpose of the invasion, the army has conscripted a modest force from all across the Cartorian people.

Recently, Cartoria has rallied their army together and moved it over the border to take several Humosian settlements. They are currently marching on Parnaea.


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