According to folklore, Humos was responsible for the creation of all sentient beings in Esra and is one of the three deities worshipped by man.

In the Seventh Era, Humos is depicted as King Falwhen wielding a trident and sporting angel wings. This is meant to display the courage and intellect of man and to show that if a man performs great deeds, he will be held high above his peers in recognition. Before the Seventh Era, Humos was seen as a giant, golden falcon.

Jealous of his power over man, the other two gods often tried to undermine Humos, eventually creating the Patoros in order to destroy his creation. His victory over them is the cornerstone in the history of Esra and has lead him to be by far the most popular of the three gods.

Eventually, Humos’ input into the human race dwindled as they no longer needed his protection and because of this Hades decided he was no longer needed and destroyed him.


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